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Raid Max Cik Antibacterial 350gm

$15.00 each $4.29 per 100g


Raid MAX ANTIBACTERIAL Fast Kill Crawling Insect Killer Spray is a specially designed formula that:

1. Kills cockroaches and other crawling insects fast.

2. *Kills the germ that cockroaches carry

3. Keeps on killing for up to 6 months protection

4. The twin action nozzle targets hard to reach crawling insects.

Storage Instructions

STORAGE AND DISPOSAL: Do not store near flame, in vehicles or near any source of heat. Aerosols should be completely empty before disposing. Recycle empty can if a facility is available or place used can in household rubbish. PRESSURISED DISPENSER. PROTECT FROM SUNLIGHT AND DO NOT EXPOSE TO TEMPERATURES EXCEEDING 50°C. DO NOT PIERCE OR BURN, EVEN AFTER USE.

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