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Cleaning Agents

Samba Gas Lighter Premium 1ea
was $9.39 $6.99 each
Scotchgard Fabric Prot 350gm
$12.99 each $3.71 per 100g
Selleys Liquid Sugar Soap 750ml
$5.59 each $0.75 per 100ml
Selleys Oven Clean 350g
$5.49 each $1.57 per 100g
Selleys Rapid Mould Killer 500ml
$6.75 each $1.35 per 100ml
Shower Power Squeeze Pack 750ml
$7.89 each $1.05 per 100ml
Shower Power Trigger Pk 500ml
$7.45 each $1.49 per 100ml
Tinge Caustic Soda 500gm
$9.59 each $1.92 per 100g
Tinge Sugar Soap 750ml
$5.99 each $0.80 per 100ml
U/​C Anti Bacteria Wipes 1pk
$2.89 each
White King Surface Spray Lem 500ml
was $4.99 $4.79 each $0.96 per 100ml
White Magic Eco Basics Bottle Brush
$5.99 each
Wht Mgc Eco Bsc Pot Brush 1ea
$5.99 each
Windex Glass 500ml
$5.79 each $1.16 per 100ml
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