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Combat Ant Rid Bait, Ant Bait Destroys The Nest, Insecticide, , 4 x 6g
$7.50 each $31.25 per 100g
Ratsak Bait Double Strength 350g
$9.50 each $2.71 per 100g
Aerogard Odourless Protection Insect Repellent Aerosol Spray 300g
$18.99 each $6.33 per 100g
Aerogard Tropical Strength Insect Repellent Roll On 50mL
$9.99 each $19.98 per 100ml
Hovex Camphor 2 Pack 18g
$3.00 each $16.67 per 100g
Mortein Fast Knockdown Odourless Aerosol Fly & Mosquito Killer 250g
$7.99 each $3.20 per 100g
Pea Beu Odourless Insect Killer Spray Fast Killing Aerosol 350g
$7.45 each $2.13 per 100g
Talon Rat & Mouse Killer 150g
$9.20 each $6.13 per 100g
Talon Wax Block 72g
$6.79 each $9.43 per 100g
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