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Whiskas 1+ Years Adult Wet Cat Food With Lamb Mince Can 400g

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WHISKAS® helps nurture your cat at every stage of their life, with meals to feed their curiosity. Our WHISKAS® 1+ Years range offers a variety of tailored meals that we know your cat will love.
100% Complete and Balanced with a combination of quality protein, vitamins and minerals in a juicy gravy or appetising jelly, specifically developed to help your cat maintaina healthy and balanced lifestyle.


Meats (including Chicken &/or Lamb &/or Sheep &/or Beef &/or Pork); Binders (Beef &/or Sheep &/or Pork &/or Cereal); Gelling Agents; Thickeners; Flavours; Vitamins & Minerals; Taurine; Colouring Agents.

Storage Instructions

Keep refrigerated after opening.

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