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Earth Choice Dishwash Tablet 42 Pack

$18.29 each $2.72 per 100g


Earth Choice Dishwasher Tablets

Will leave your dishes sparkling clean. Made with no harsh chemicals and a biodegradable formula that's safe for our waterways, Earth Choice Dishwasher Tablets are packaged in a recycled carton box, helping to cut down on plastic. Each individual tablet is wrapped in a fully biodegradable, dissolvable wrapper - making them convenient and easy to use!

Naturally powerful 8 step cleaning action.

- Odour Neutralising.

- Powerful Tea Stain Removal.

- Removes Encrusted Food.

- Grease Cutting Action.

- Deep Soaking Action.

- Tough Stain Removal.

- Rinse Aid.

- Dissolvable Wrapper.

Cruelty Free & Vegan. 

No Phosphates - Phosphate free products are safer for our waterways, helping to reduce algae growth, which can harm aquatic life. This product contains no added phosphate. Phosphorus levels below 0.5% may be present. 

Septic Safe - Low sodium.

For over 40 years, Earth Choice has pioneered green approaches to product, packaging and processes - setting the standard for the future of cleaning and leading the way in Australia.

Nature is powerful but it takes more than plants to make an Earth Choice product. Each formulation contains powerful active ingredients sourced from natural elements, rather than petrochemicals to create a powerful cleaning solution that's gentle on the earth.

Tough on stains, gentle on the wallet Earth Choice believes in prioritising planet over profit, it exists to ensure Australians have access to natural cleaning solutions that don't harm the earth. Always meeting the needs of families, stocking where you shop, and selling at an affordable price.


Sodium Citrate*, Sodium Percarbonate, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Carbonate, Polyglycol Ether, Granulation Excipient (Non-hazardous), Ceteareth-10, Polyacrylic Acid, Sodium Silicate, Bleach Activator, Cellulose*, Tetrasodium EDTA, Enzymes, Lignin*, Aqua, Glycerin, Trideceth-4, Cellulose Gum*, Acrylic Acid — Maleic Acid Copolymer, Perfume, Colours. *Plant Derived

Storage Instructions

It is recommended to store tablets in an airtight container to limit exposure to moisture.