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Dine Slow Cook Lamb Morsels 85gm

$1.55 each $1.82 per 100g


Effortless, elegant and supremely confident, cats are the masters of seduction. Their abundant natural charm is never more beautifully deployed than when they want something from you. The DINE® brand includes gorgeous food designed to tempt the feline senses of both you and your cat, enabling you to turn your mealtimes into a delightful game of mutual seduction. Explore DINE® Cuts in Gravy with Lamb. Your cat will love our delicious cat food trays with a deluxe medley of tender pieces in luxurious gravy.


Meats (including Chicken &/or Beef &/or Lamb &/or Sheep &/or Pork); Binders (including derived from Beef &/or Sheep &/or Pork &/or Cereal); Thickeners; Gelling Agents; Flavours; Vitamins & Minerals; Colouring Agents; Amino Acids.

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