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Purina Lucky Dog Minis Minced Beef, Vegetable And Pasta Flavour Dry Dog Food 3kg

$12.00 each $0.40 per 100g


LUCKY DOG® Minis Minced Beef, Vegetable and Pasta Flavour dry dog food is crafted for small breeds who love big adventures. Each mouth-watering mini piece is made with real meat, providing protein for strong muscles and iron for healthy blood to fuel your best mate for hours of energetic playtime. Delicious and 100% nutritionally complete, LUCKY DOG® Minis is the perfect “all in one” great-tasting meal. Each piece is packed with vitamins and minerals to promote overall good health and wellbeing for your pet. This proud Aussie made dog food has been feeding generations of man's best friend since 1963.


Cereals and cereal by-products and/or vegetable by-products; meat and meat by-products (derived from beef and/or mutton and/or poultry); essential vitamins and minerals and/or amino acids; antioxidants and flavours.

Storage Instructions

Please store this pack in a cool, dry place, out of the sun.

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