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Jif Cream Cleanser Regular 500ml

$4.80 each $0.96 per 100ml


UK's # 1 cream cleanser (in the UK under Cif brand based on value and volume sales, Nielsen 52 weeks ending October 2019).

Jif Cream with Micro-particles -The best Jif cream ever. Removes the most engrained dirt (tested on model kitchen and bathroom dirts and surfaces achieving the complete soil removal) for beautifully clean surfaces, more easily than ever. It penetrates and removes completely the most stubborn dirt, like encrusted grease, burnt-on food, limescale; so you can enjoy a perfect shiny clean.


Jif's unique creamy formula contains ingredients to lift dirt from surfaces (surfactants); remove stains (polishing particles); break up grease (alkalis); and to leave a fresh smell (perfume). Preservative is also included.

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