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Multix Snack Bags Green Plant 35pk

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Multix® Greener™ Plant Based Sandwich Bags are made with 50% plant based material, made from sugarcane, a natural renewable resource. A sustainable alternative to regular plastic sandwich bags.

- Sugarcane naturally absorbs a lot of CO2 and produces oxygen while growing.
- These bags reduce demand for petroleum derived plastic
- Perform like a regular Multix food bag
- Resealable to seal in freshness
- Freezer & Microwave safe
- BPA free
- Food safe
- Contain no PVC or Plasticisers
- Size 16 x 10cm
- Pack of 35

With Multix® Greener™ we want to help you reduce your impact on the environment while bringing you the reliable, high quality products you expect from Multix®.

The REDcycle scheme is no longer operational. Unfortunately, this means that there is no collection of soft plastics available for customers at the present time. Industry is working hard to identify pathways to create new scheme(s). In the meantime, customers are advised to dispose of their soft plastics in the landfill bin. Thank you for your understanding.

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