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Lynx Deodorant Body Spray Black 165mL

$8.29 each $5.02 per 100ml


LYNX Black Deodorant Body Spray blends frozen pear with sandalwood for a modern scent. With added zinc technology, our deodorant fights odour and odour-causing bacteria* to give you 48-hour protection. Meanwhile, 100% fresh fragrance means you’ll smell irresistible – even when you sweat. LYNX Black Deodorant Body Spray will give you all-day confidence so you can forget about odour and focus on what really matters.

At LYNX, we are committed to producing styling and grooming products that help guys look better, smell better and feel more confident when taking on the world. We exist to help Australian and New Zealand guys express themselves authentically. For great protection from odour, give the LYNX Black aerosol can a good shake, twist the cap and spray your underarms and body. Recycle the can when empty.

At LYNX, we go beyond just creating amazing fragrances. We are fragrance geeks who understand the power of scent and its ability to make a statement. Explore our full product range of body washes, body sprays, deodorants and antiperspirants. Find your signature scent from our range of iconic fragrances. Our products are also available in gift packs for Christmas and Father's Day.

* based on a laboratory test


INGREDIENTS: Alcohol, Butane, Isobutane, Propane, Fragrance, Zinc Neodecanoate, Isopropyl Myristate, t-Butyl Alcohol, Water.

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