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Pedigree Casserole with Chicken & Gravy 1.2kg

$4.50 each $0.38 per 100g


At the PEDIGREE® brand we believe that every dog deserves a loving home. From over 40 years experience of developing PEDIGREE® recipes, we have a range that is designed to protect your dog in four ways: to help support their natural defences, a healthy skin and coat, good digestion and healthy teeth.  PEDIGREE® Can recipes are Australian Made with quality ingredients and all the essential nutrients your dog will need to thrive.


Meats (Chicken, Beef, Sheep &/ or Pork); Thickener; Binders (Gluten, Beef &/or Sheep); Vegetable; Vegetable Fibre; Gelling Agents; Sunflower Oil; Colouring Agents; Minerals; Vitamins and Flavours (including Garlic).

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