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Smiths Thinly Salt & Vinegar 175g

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Bring Along Adventure Ready to make the most of the day? Heading out on a road trip along the Australian coast? Or maybe you’re scheduling a day full of outdoor activities with friends? Not matter the occasion, heighten the sense of adventure by bringing along a share pack of Smith's Thinly Cut Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips. There’s more than enough to go around, and these thin cut chips are sure to provide the perfect start for a full day of fun. Elevate Your Lunch Game Lunchtime is always a bright spot within the day, whether you’re relaxing on the weekend or in the middle of a hectic day of work. Turn up the brightness by packing some Smith’s thin cut chips to also look forward to. These lunch snacks elevate the pleasure and taste of any meal of your choice. You can also let the sharp flavours of salt and vinegar chips stand on their own as a post-lunch snack. Pulled Straight From Australian Soil Smith’s chips are proud to be made from potatoes grown and harvested right here in Australia’s rich soil. Each potato is carefully chosen before being thinly cut into the gluten-free, crunchy crisps we all know and love. Each perfectly cooked potato chip is carefully seasoned with the balanced blend of salt and vinegar, eventually ending up right in your pantry for you to enjoy.


Potatoes (61%), Canola Oil And/Or Sunflower Oil, Natural Flavours, Mineral Salt (Potassium Chloride), Salt, Lactose (Milk), Maltodextrin, Dextrose, Sugar, Soluble Fibre (Polydextrose), Food Acid (Citric Acid), Whey Protein Concentrate (Milk), Antioxidants (Tocopherols, Ascorbic Acid, Rosemary Extract).


Milk, Soy

Nutrition Information

Servings Per Packet 6.5
Serving Size 27g (About 18 Chips)

Per Serving* Per 100g or 100mL*
Energy 602kJ 2230kJ
Protein 1.8g 6.5g
Fat, Total 9.0g 33.3g
- Saturated 0.6g 2.4g
- Trans 0.1g 0.3g
- Polyunsaturated 2.8g 10.3g
- Monounsaturated 5.4g 20.0g
Carbohydrate 13.6g 50.4g
- Sugars 0.6g 2.4g
Dietary Fibre 0 0
Sodium 569mg 2110mg
Gluten Not detected Not detected

*All values are considered to be average