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Cleaning Agents

Smart Diamond Lqd S/​Polish Bro 75mL
$5.99 each $7.99 per 100ml
Rubb Soot-Loose Chim/​Flu Clnr 50g
$4.39 each $8.78 per 100g
Smart S/​Polish Paste Dub Neutr 50g
$4.99 each $9.98 per 100g
Kin Kin Bulk Dish Tang Mand 5L
$59.95 each $11.99 per litre
Kin Kin Bulk L/​Liquid Euc/​Lem 5L
$59.95 each $11.99 per litre
Kinkin Bulk Dish Limeeucalypt 5L
$59.95 each $11.99 per litre
Ecostore Antibacterial Cleaner Bathroom Shower Refill Concentrate 50mL
$6.59 each $13.18 per 100ml
Kin Kin Dish Was Powder Lemon Myrtle & Lime 1.1kg
$14.95 each $13.59 per kg
Koala Eco Dish Soap 1L
$24.99 each $24.99 per litre
U/​C Anti Bacteria Wipes 1pk
$2.89 each
Nat/​Val Walnut Scrubber Sponge
$3.65 each
BBQ Buddy Flat Bamboo Skewers 1ea
$5.85 each
Eco Turtles M/​P Bamboo Cloth 1pk
$5.95 each
White Magic Eco Basics Bottle Brush
$5.99 each
Wht Mgc Eco Bsc Bthrm Brush 1ea
$5.99 each
Wht Mgc Eco Bsc Dish Brush 1ea
$5.99 each
Eco Turtles M/​P Cellulose Sponge 1pk
$6.50 each
Redheads Original Gasmatch
$8.20 each
Samba Gas Lighters Premium 1pk
$9.39 each
Ecococonut Dish Brush
$9.94 each
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