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Buy Tasmanian
41 Degrees Sth Salmon Rillettes
$12.25 each $12.25 per 100g
Buy Tasmanian
Mures Salmon Roulade 100g
$9.95 each $99.50 per kg
Fresh Atlantic Salmon Fillets
$37.95 per kg
Wild Caught Gummy Shark Fillets
$38.95 per kg
Fresh Ocean Trout Fillets
$44.95 per kg
Crystal Bay Extra Large Cooked Tiger Prawns (​Thawed)
$39.95 per kg
Tasmanian Scallops
$49.95 per kg
Woodbridge Cold Smoked Salmon 200g
$18.95 each $9.48 per 100g
Wild Caught Pink Ling Fillets
$37.95 per kg
Eskal Herring Salad Jar 375g
$10.95 each $2.92 per 100g
Eskal Rollmops 500g
$10.50 each $2.10 per 100g
Fresh Salmon Skin Off Kg
$39.95 per kg
Huon Reserve Tasmanian Smoked Salmon Gourmet Pate 150g
$8.49 each $5.66 per 100g
Ocean King Caviar Red Lumpfish 50g
$6.55 each $13.10 per 100g
Squid Tubes Kg (​Thawed)
$23.50 per kg
Woodbridge Cold Smoked Trout 100g
$12.50 each $12.50 per 100g
Woodbridge Hot Smoked Salmon Trad 150g
$14.95 each $9.97 per 100g
41 Deg Hot Smoked Salmon Snack
$92.50 per kg
Barbecue Flavoured Octopus Jar 350g
$12.95 each $3.70 per 100g
Belton Farm Red Fox Kg
$54.95 per kg
Belton Farm White Fox Kg
$52.95 per kg
Bismarck Herrings 500g
$6.85 each $1.37 per 100g
Black Trevally
$27.95 per kg
Boern Trots Cow Honey Kg
$69.95 per kg
Bruny Island Cheese Odo 100g
$21.90 each
Cc Wensleydale Cranberry Kg
$60.00 per kg
Coral Perch Fillets
$42.95 per kg
Eskal Herring Bismark Jar 500g
$10.50 each $2.10 per 100g
Fishers Freycinet Sunrise Mussels 195g
$16.95 each $8.69 per 100g
Fishers Pickled Fisher Mussels 1
$14.50 each $7.44 per 100g
Fishers The Mediterranean Mussels 195g
$16.95 each $8.69 per 100g
Glacier 51 Frozen Toothfish Portions 120g
$15.99 each $10.66 per 100g
Honey Chilli Garlic Flavoured Octopus 350g
$12.95 each $3.70 per 100g
Huon Premium Wood Roasted Salmon Blackened Spice 150g
$13.40 each $8.93 per 100g
Jb Nicholas Hot Smoked Salmon
$79.95 per kg
L'oré​al Paris Casting Sunkiss Jelly 02 Blonde
$15.50 each $103.33 per kg
Meredith Dairy Goat Cheese Fresh Chevre Dusted With Ash 150g
$10.90 each $72.67 per kg
Mures Cold Smoked A/​Salmongold 100g
$13.49 each $134.90 per kg
Mures Salmon Terrine 140g
$11.95 each $8.54 per 100g
Norfolk Bay W/​Smoked Mussels Garlic 120g
$8.79 each $7.33 per 100g
Norfolk Bay W/​Smoked Mussels Nat 120g
$8.79 each $7.33 per 100g
President Double Brie Kg
$43.95 per kg
Salmon Kebabs Each
$7.95 each
Seafood Marinara Mix Kg
$42.95 per kg
Tas Oysters Doz.
was $17.95 $17.00 each $1.42 each
Tasmanian Scallops (​Survey)
$49.95 per kg
Tasmanian Scallops 500g
$24.95 each $49.90 per kg
Tassal Hot Smoked Salmon Nat 150g
$13.00 each $86.67 per kg
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